Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association is an apex body of Gloves Industrial Sector in Pakistan representing on all Pakistan basis. The current augmented position of Gloves Industry in Pakistan gives the projection of assiduity of gloves manufacturers – exporters which commenced during the end of 20th Country. The history of gloves industry is connected with the introduction of Cricket game resulting the manufacturing of Cricket bat in Sialkot. Hence, the specific game necessitated for the “batting gloves”, “wicket keeper gloves” and “inner gloves”.

The innovation of gloves did not restrict to Cricket, but during 2nd world war more variety of gloves was introduced for domestic / international market like “baseball gloves – and later during 1956 the gloves for winter sports, Ice-hockey, Ski, were progressively introduced by the artisans of Sialkot.

Hence, with the enhancement of demand from international market, and the increase of manufacturing units of gloves – the Sialkot City became the Centre of Gloves Manufacturing for all kinds, namely, Sports Gloves, Motor-bike Gloves, Cycling Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Winter Gloves, Fashion Gloves, Industrial and Labour Gloves and many more. The name of City of Sialkot is now considered to be 1st as Export Oriented City.